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Почти 20 тыс новорожденных утят проделали длинный 48-часовой путь в 3000 км
из Германии в Ростовскую область, чтобы получить Миллеровскую прописку и
стать в будущем родителями русской пекинской утки производства компании
<Донстар> (входит в группу <Евродон>, сообщает производитель  русской утки.
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A unique duck festival will be held in 25 cities of Russia 27th-28th of September. The celebration will be organized in 150 HoReCa facilities. It is anticipated that one million people will take part in it.

 This event is going to break all cuisine records! “Univerfood” restaurants (“Blinoff”, “Dyujina”, “Parasole”, “American Hot Pizza”, “Das Kolbas” all over the country) will cook more than 100 special dishes based on unique recipes. 35 tons of languini pasta with duck, 44000 duck pizzas, 210000 duck pancakes, 980000 dumplings, 178000 sausages, 50 tons of salad with duck will be served there. Moscow “Niyama” restaurant will create about 1000000 sets with duck dishes and 8500 Peking duck for free. Rostov-on-Don famous restaurant “Tikhiy Don” and “Portland” amusement center will provide almost 34000 portions of deserts made with duck.

“Donstar” company (part of Eurodon GC), “Utolina” duck meat producer is providing the event with 15000 tons of duck meat. By the way, the third part of it is delivered marinated. Most of the cities will receive chilled products and those who are situated far enough (over Ural) will have frozen meat.

The idea of the festival is to revive traditions of duck consumption in Russia. The organizer is “Utolina” trade mark and Association of waterfowl meat producers. Co-organizers are: “Univerfood” (89 facilities all over the country), “Niyama” (17 restaurants in Moscow), “Tikhyi Don” and “Portland” (amusement network in Rostov-on-Don). Their main goal is to draw attention to the high quality of Russian product and to achievements of modern gastronomy.

- Duck meat is well estimated in the entire world – no wonder that one can find duck in every country book of recipes, - the general director of “Donstar” company, Mr. Vadim Vaneev is saying. During the last decades this product has lost its popularity. In Russia duck consumption is only 1% of the whole meat market. Meanwhile, duck meat gives a possibility to the consumer to strengthen his immune system and the presence of Vitamins of group B help to see the true value of it.


You may find more specifics here  http://utolina.ru/festival-russkoy-utki and on social network https://www.facebook.com/events/244202765777524/266820356849098/?notif_t=like



-The goal of “Donstar” company is to revive old traditions of a good taste in
Russia. Launching the biggest facility in Europe – first stage will have 26 thousand tons capacity and the second stage will double this amount – we aim to promote our product and popularize it among Russian people. Before we used to take part in largest food festivals, but starting from 2014 we have patented our own project, which will take part every year all over Russia. This wouldn`t have happened without support of Association of waterfowl producers and partners from related industries. – Vadim Vaneev is saying.

- The unique peculiarity of this festival is participation of different cuisines restaurants. This will give an opportunity to estimate the variety of ways to cook duck. – the Chef of “Niyama” network, Eugeny Pilchin is saying. – The festival of Russian duck is a great opportunity to remind people how tasty it is and how good it is for health. The variety of Vitamins and, especially B5 called “the vitamin of youth” is the best proof for it. Selenium, phosphorous, zinc, copper, magnesium, calcium…. Japanese cuisine is known as a healthy food that is why duck is respected there. During the festival “Niyama” restaurant is planning to meet 1500 guests and to cook 3000 spring rolls with duck, 2000 pancakes with Peking duck, 1500 duck fillet with berry teriyaki.

- Even duck fat, if we can say so, is the most healthy one. It has some enzymes which improve body metabolism and help to reduce carcinogens in body. – the Chef of “Portland” amusement center, Nikolay Rakov is saying. Long time ago, when there were no refrigerators, people used to store products in duck fat – this is one more reason for its uniqueness. It has Omega3 and 6 acids, as well as E Vitamin, selenium, choline and oleic acid (good for cardiovascular system)